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In person DOT Hazardous Materials Training

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This training is specifically geared toward Regulated Medical Waste generators and transporters.

The U.S. Department of Transportation regulates shipments of Hazardous Materials and under 49 CFR 172, Subpart H any personnel who prepares or transports hazardous materials - Regulated Medical Waste (RMW)) are subject to the hazmat employee training requirements.

How does my practice fall under these guidelines? 

Any person who prepares RMW for transport and anyone who signs the Biomedical Waste manifest is signing on behalf of the generator (your facility) and is subject to DOT requirements (49 CFR 172 Subpart H and 172 Subpart C). Your employees are therefore considered hazmat employees and the requirements are applicable.

Hazardous Waste Personnel of a Large Quantity Generator must receive initial training within six months of employment or assuming a new job function that is applicable to the regulations.  They must be directly supervised by trained and knowledgeable personnel if they perform a regulated function before receiving initial training.

Our training session includes:

              • General awareness/Familiarization 
              • Function-specific training 
              • Safety training
              • Security awareness
              • Security plan training (Large Quantity Generators only)

After completing the training session, the HazMat employee is required to take and pass the DOT HazMat test. 
Upon successful completion, a certificate will be awarded documenting the training requirements according to 49 CFR Chapter 51.

*Employee trainings are conducted either at your facility or by live, interactive web training with our Biomed OSHA Authorized Trainer *

·         You are given an opportunity for interactive questions and answers with the consultant conducting the training session

·        Receive proper waste handling and emergency procedures, relevant to your employees responsibilities and specific for your facility

·         We provide sign-in sheets for employees attending the training session

Length of training – 1 hour

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