HIPAA Manual

     According to HIPAA privacy and security rules, "A covered entity must develop and implement written privacy policies and procedures..."  

    At Biomed, we understand this, and therefore, your manual is created to be user-friendly.  It is also categorized and tabulated to make it easy for you and your employees to access information effortlessly.

    We can create your site-specific, personalized manuals for:

o   Privacy

o   Security

o   Breach Notification


The manual includes:

                       Personalized training materials


                       20 Customized forms

                       Over 30 customized policies and procedures

Have policies and procedures changed?            

Have you hired new employees?            

Have you updated you computer system?

Your policies and procedures MUST be updated and reflect the changes

We can assist you by updating and revising the policies and procedures of your HIPAA Privacy & Security plans.