DOH Manuals

According to 64E-16.003(2) Florida Department of Health (FDOH), “Each biomedical waste facility shall implement a written operating plan to manage biomedical waste, in accordance with this chapter.”

Biomed realizes that when the DOH Inspector “shows up” at your facility for their annual inspection, your office will probably be busy.  We will develop and devise your manual to contain ALL the information that must be made available to the inspector.

You no longer have to run around looking for all the paperwork that the inspector requests. 

All you have to do is hand the inspector your Biomedical Waste manual/binder which will contain all the necessary information that the inspector will require in order to make the inspection process painless and easy. 

Your manual will be site-specific and customized for your facility and it will include procedures and information specific to your specialty.


             It includes:

        • Training records
        • Manifests/receipts
        • Written Plan
        • DOH regulations